Poutrix offers several possibilities for cooperation. An overview of the different possibilities can be found below.



"Bouwkundebeurs" is an event that gives firms the opportunity to introduce themselves to students of civil engineering.

Location and date

To be announced.


Introduction firms to start a conversation between firms and students. (contact firm – student).
  • Third bachelor: internships and introduction job opportunities.
  • First master: internships and introduction of future possible employers.
  • Second master: jobsinterviews.
Every sponsors has earned a spot of 9 m2. On the basis of availability holds Poutrix the right to rent out additional spaces to non-sponsors or additional room to sponsors.Some food and beverages will be catered for. More information: pr@poutrix.be
  1. Expenses beared by the sponsor. (ex. printing pamphlets, posters, transport, shipping)
  2. This is independent from any additional advertisement or mention in the same publication. A posting of that kind will need an additional contribution. (see type 2)
  3. Regarding a full page in random order from which the content is approved by Poutrix.
  4. If payed by 30.09.2020 and is pressed by 31.10.2020, max 2 sides of A4-page.
  5. Transportation is payed for by the sponsor. Poutrix holds the right to decline on basis of practical purposes. (ex. other activities on same day, planning, amount of activities)
  6. The magazine will be handed out once per semester (around December and May).